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Aurora Fitness Studio also offers its fantastic studio space for rental to customers who require temporary dance/fitness space for events, performance practices, dance workshops, photo shoots, etc. We have 2 large and spacious studios that can comfortably accommodate approximately 25-30 dancers each.

Our studios have been carefully designed to provide the best and conducive environment. They are fully air-conditioned, brightly lighted, equipped with wall-mounted mirrors and superb sound systems. The floors are beautifully finished with laminated wood with high density rubber underlays, ideal for fitness and dance activities.

We are also seeking long term partner with a fitness/dance professional or company to run their classes/programs in our studio, however, we do welcome any short term rental use as well.


Studio AA

Rental TERMS

  1. All bookings are subject to availability and approval.
  2. Studio rentals are for legal activities only as permitted by law.
  3. Renter should seek prior permission/approval if the studio is to be used for other than dance or fitness purposes.
  4. Booking should be made at least 5 days in advance.
  5. Rental fees are to be paid in full during booking.
  6. Full refund if cancellation made 48 hours before the booked time, and credited towards future rental.
  7. The Renter should be aware that the studio facilities are being used for dance and fitness, and as such there will be voices of students and teachers, sound of music and other artistic activities can be heard throughout the studio.
  8. Rentals outside of our operating hours will include an additional staff charge of RM$20/hr.
  9. Rental time must be followed strictly. Renters must vacate the studios promptly. Grace period of 15 mins is allowed for preparation prior to event.
  10. Renter should clean and remove all personal belonging from the studio, or else a surcharge will be applied.
  11. Food and drink except bottled water are not permitted in the studios.
  12. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the premise.
  13. Outside shoes are not permitted in the studios.
  14. Any damage to studio facilities will be charged to the renter.


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