KPOP-X Fitness

KPOP-X Fitness is the latest and the trendiest fitness dance workout available now. It is epic and easy. Everyone can do this, no dance or aerobic experience required. It simplifies KPOP dance, with cardio and body toning exercise. It is growing in popularity. Sweat it out with popular KPOP songs.. Lose weight and stay lean while having fun..Fresh and signature moves are sure to bring you back for more ! 



K-Pop stands for "Korean Pop", in which this class teaches a choreography-based dance routine from your favorite K-Pop songs! This class focuses on learning one whole song routine before proceeding to the next one. This may take up a few weeks, depending on the song, until you will be able to dance to most of the choreography. Yay!

We are currently organizing K-Pop dances for beginner lessons. Therefore, no prior experience is required, so don't worry if you've never danced before. Open for all ages. Come and join the fun!


  • KPOPX Fitness : every Tuesday 6.30- 7.20 PM at RM10 per class
  • KPOP Dance Class : Every Saturday 3.00- 5.00 PM ( Contact us for songs and schedule confirmation) RM20 per session